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One of the rallying cries of the movement to legalize abortion has always been to keep abortion a safe and legal option for pregnant women. The notion is that by legalizing abortion, it can be regulated and kept safe by the government.

Now we learn of an abortion doctor in Philadelphia who has been charged with murder. He not only killed newborn babies, but he also ran his “clinic” like one of those back alley places that needlessly puts lives at risk. There is plenty of evidence to inflame one’s emotions against this man. He stands as a provocative case of betrayal to those who fought to make abortion safe and legal. He also stands as a poster child of how evil abortion is to those who are fighting to make it illegal once again.

What makes this situation worse is that it now appears that those who were supposed to be regulating his clinic were looking the other way even though they knew what was going on. Any form of corruption in government is a betrayal to its citizens. We need to do better than this. When laws are passed; they need to be funded and they need to be enforced.

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