Getting Ready for the Republican Headliners

Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House. November ...

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For the past several months it seems that only the fringe Republican candidates have been able to get any attention. Yet now, Donald Trump seems to be fading and Newt Gingrich seems to be rising in the eyes of the Republican media outlets. Perhaps the seriousness of the success in bringing Osama bin Laden to justice has helped to focus them on more serious candidates.

I welcome this change. Although the past decade has seen me move from the category of Independent to Democrat, I recognize that for democracy to function like it is supposed to, we need two healthy parties putting forth serious and qualified candidates. No one knows which party will win in 2012, so we need qualified candidates on both tickets.

John McCain was a serious candidate, but out of political desperation he elevated Sarah Palin to a position on his ticket that she did not deserve. This act opened the door for people like Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump to entertain dreams of becoming the Republican candidate for President.

From a political point of view, I would be delighted for Sarah, Michelle, or the Donald to run as an Independent. Even better I would love to see the Tea Party form a real party and offer up a candidate. This would siphon off that fringe and better ensure that the winner is selected by more reasonable and informed voters. In such a contest, I believe that Obama would have a better chance for re-election, but more importantly, I believe we would likely get a better Republican president should she or he win.

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