What’s Behind the Witch Hunt?

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The republican narrative about the Obama administration’s “sins” concerning Benghazi always puzzled me. What precisely were they outraged about? Did republicans really buy this idea that the President would try to hide a terrorist attack from the American people? Did republicans expect me to believe that Obama thought such an attack would weaken his re-election chances when history shows that wars result in the American public rallying behind the Commander in Chief? Regardless of what republicans hoped, their tactic didn’t help elect Mitt Romney.

So now that the election is over, and their “October surprise” fizzled, why is my senator, Lindsay Graham and others still beating this Benghazi drum? And why are they trying to go after Susan Rice, who clearly was never the person in charge of anything concerning Benghazi? I could never understand their motive. I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to accomplish besides a continuation of their ongoing public relations war against all things Obama.

Now, I think I understand, and I’m wondering what took me so long. If the republicans can sabotage the career of Susan Rice, then they can increase the chances of John Kerry being selected as Secretary of State. Kerry has always been the “other” potential candidate for the job. If John Kerry becomes Secretary of State, then he will have to resign from the Senate. If he resigns from the Senate, then there will be a special election in Massachusetts to replace him. And the last time there was such an election in Massachusetts, a republican named Scott Brown won.

Official portrait of United States Senator Sco...

Ex-Senator Scott Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So at this point, my best guess as to why these guys are obsessing over Susan Rice is because they are hoping to give Scott Brown another bite at the apple. They are willing to sabotage this public servant’s career just for the chance that they might gain one more seat in the Senate.

Of course, I could be wrong, maybe they really are motivated by something else, but honestly this is the only explanation I have found that makes any sense to me.

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